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Social and Corporate Holiday Planning

The month of June marks the halfway point of the year, so whether we like to admit it or not, the holidays are only four months away.

"If, When, and How To Publish Your Work"

Publish or Perish, is no longer applicable to members of academia who often have struggled with continuously conducting research so that it can be disseminated in peer-reviewed journals, collaborative works (books) having multiple authors or penning an entire book completely on their own which is no easy task.

"The Wedding Doc"

Her “Wedding Doc” moniker arose for two reasons: first, because she (Dr. Markey) officiates at weddings, and second…

Going Green Gem Conferences

"Going Green" Is Not Just For Kermit-the-Frog Anymore!

GEM Conferences, LLC is particularly dedicated to encouraging their clients to become involved in a “green initiative” with regard to their special events whenever or however possible.

Myths Surrounding Hypnosis

With so many benefits, why are people so reluctant to become hypnotized?


Remote Hypnosis and Tele-Hypnosis

Telemedicine is becoming more widely accepted and accessible due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so can the popularity of Tele-hypnosis or online hypnosis lag far behind?