If When and How to Publish Your Work

by Dr. Mary Ann Markey

In this age of constant global communication where information streams 24/7, the phrase, Publish or Perish, is no longer applicable to members of academia who often have struggled with continuously conducting research so that it can be disseminated in peer-reviewed journals, collaborative works (books) having multiple authors or penning an entire book completely on their own which is no easy task. At this point in time, non-academics have to ensure that their work (research or otherwise) is being published in an attempt to keep their name in front of their audience, clients, colleagues, peers, and the like. However, establishing a rapport and a reputation with a highly-respected publisher is typically no easy task particularly when the competition to be published continues to become more difficult by the day.GEM Conferences, LLC offers a solution to the publishing problem via the consulting, organizing and hosting services that they can provide to their clients depending upon the level of hands-on assistance that their clients require. GEM’s conferences offer their conference delegates an option of publishing their work with one of the publishers with whom they have collaborated in the past by providing their conference delegates with the template for transforming their presentations into book chapters that are formatted to be included in a collaborative work with multiple authors on the conference topic or theme. If one or more of the delegates is not interested in publishing their conference presentation as a book chapter, they have the option to decline that opportunity, and not be included in the book proposal being submitted to one of GEM Conference’s publishers with whom they have previous publishing history. Visit GEM Conference’s website at www.gemconferences.com and click on the Contact Us tab for more information.

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