“Going Green” Is Not Just for Kermit-the-Frog Anymore!

Photo of Dr. Mary Ann Markey

By Dr. Mary Ann Markey

GEM Conferences, LLC is particularly dedicated to encouraging their clients to become involved in a “green initiative” with regard to their special events whenever or however possible. Since GEM’s principals are major advocates of Biophilia and its expanded version known as Astrophilia, the ability to show their clients how to “green” their special events is one of their unique services which can be optimized by one or more of the following options:

  • Use online alternatives for the brochures, registration cards, invitations, Calls for Papers, Calls for Proposals, and/or printing materials instead of sending out hard copies of these materials
  • Use recycled products as much or as often as possible
  • Encourage carpools, shuttles, and carpool use as much as possible
  • Purchase “living arrangements” or whole fruit centerpieces which can be consumed, donated to local non-profits, recycled or reused
  • Sparingly distribute paper and pens in the middle of each table for the new people who may need them in contrast to placing them at every seat
  • Remind attendees and delegates to turn off lights and air conditioning when they are not occupying their rooms
  • Collect unused soap and toiletries to donate to local shelters
  • Support local vendors, suppliers, farmers, etc. as much as possible
  • Request supplies in bulk rather than in individual packages (sugar, creamer, water, etc.)
  • Encourage attendees and delegates to use the proper recycling receptacles for paper, glass, plastic, and aluminum products
  • Reduce or eliminate disposable items, such as paper napkins and plastic serving ware by replacing them with cloth napkins and regular silverware
  • Collaborate as much as possible with the local venue and suppliers to optimize as many greening efforts as possible